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Tucson Devil Pups Staff


David Caballero is the Liaison Representative for the Tucson Devil Pups.

David retired from the Marine Corps in 2002 and retired from the University of Arizona police department in 2020.  David was born and raised in Tucson and is a 1979 graduate of the Devil Pups program.

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Scott Lonergan is the Assistant Liaison Representative for the Tucson Devil Pups.  Scott served eight years in the Marine Corps.  Scott retired from the Tucson Police Department in 2017, and currently owns his own work safety consulting business.

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Valerie Berg is an instructor and board member for the Tucson Devil Pups.  Valerie retired as a detective from the Tucson Police Department in 2023.  She is a former Division I athlete, having played softball for the University of Arizona.  She is a two-time National Champion for the Wildcats.

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David Fernandez is a retired Tucson Police Lieutenant.

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Randie Fernandez 

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Ernie Sabori served in the Marine Corps for six years as a machine gunner.  Ernie retired from the United States Postal Service and now works for Mary Belle McCorkle Academy of Excellence as head of security .

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David Caballero

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