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Packing List

The uniform is blue jeans and a plain white t-shirt when you leave for camp. (Skinny jeans or cut-offs are not acceptable). You will be given your Devil Pup t-shirt, cover, and scarf once you arrive at camp. 

Be sure to bring a snack and bottle of water for the bus ride to camp, unless told otherwise by your LR as some of you come a long distance.


All of the items below should be placed in a soft duffle bag or sea bag with your name clearly labeled on it, preferably with duck tape and a sharpie.   


Encampment Supply List of Required Items:

Seabag / Duffle Bag (labeled with your name) ——- one (1)

Sleeping Bag —————————————————–  one (1)

Pillow (with 2 cases) ———————————————  one (1)

Towels, large —————————————————–  4-5

Flashlight & batteries ——————————————  one (1)

Toothbrush, toothpaste, chapstick ———————–  one each (1)

Hand Soap w/ plastic zip lock sandwich bag——— one each (1)

Shampoo & Deodorant ————————————–  one each (1)

Shaving gear    ————————————————  one set (1)

Blue jeans (loose fit; no holes) —————————  4-5 pairs

Trouser belt ——————————————————–  one (1)

Underwear ———————————————————- 7-10 pairs 

Socks, heavy thickness —————————————-  7-10 pairs 

Sunscreen or sunblock —————————————-  one (1)

Boots** (hiking grade; worn-in) ——————————  one pair (1)

Cross trainer or Running shoes ————————  one pair (1)

Shower shoes (flip-flops) —————–—————— one pair (1)

Padlock***, combination style ———————————–  one (1)

Stationary ———————————————————–  one box (1)

Envelopes, addressed & stamped ————————–  two (2)

Pens, writing ——————————————————-  two (2)

Sweat pants ——————————————————–  one pair (1)

Hooded Sweatshirt* ———————————————-  one (1)

Mole Skin (for blisters) ——————————————- two packs (2)

Cash (put in a sealed envelope with a name on it) ——- ($35)

Handy Wipes (pocket size)————————————–  (1) each

Handkerchiefs—————————————————–  4


Hair Shampoo + Hair gel  ——–—————- one each (1)

One-Piece swimsuit (black/blue)————–— one (1)

Sports Bra —————————-———-——  5-6 

Hygiene Products——————————–  as needed

Hair ties, bobby pins + hair brush———— as needed


*The Devil Pups hooded sweatshirt can be purchased online through the Devil Pups Store.
**Do not bring “new” shoes to camp. Boots should fit properly, cover the ankle, and should be well broken in before the camp.

*** Protect your lock combination.  Record your combination on a small piece of paper and keep it inside your wallet or notebook. 

If you wear glasses please bring glass straps, also cheaper glasses are a better choice.  No contacts!


Please do not bring Cell Phones (any type), Computers, Computer Games, Digital Toys, Televisions, Radios, iPods, Cameras, Video Cameras, and other such gear requiring batteries or electricity. These items are not allowed and will be taken and returned upon departure from the base. Gambling will also not be tolerated. 


Please do not bring weapons, drugs, cigarettes, alcohol, or anything illegal to camp. These items will be confiscated and you will be sent home. 

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